Educational Exodus happening in Zimbabwe

What is Educational Exodus?
The educational exodus is a process whereby the culture of study in the education system is being transformed into the modern day study, due to global effort, characterized by the influence of Information Communication and Technology [ICT] in the educational system.

The culture of study is smoothly transformed at different levels especially in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, not forgetting the tertiary industry which engulfs colleges and universities whereby the introduction of ICT proved to be the instrument in the transformation of culture study in modern day education setup. Therefore, the majority of the nation refers education as a panacea to development at household level and the nation at large since the majority of the nation is enveloped in the main stream education system from primary up to the highest tertiary industry. The educational exodus determined by the educational attainment cultured by the current ICT efforts though internet study as witnessed by online study platforms, that is socially dominating and the smooth fire necessitated by ICT, in form of eLearning platforms, Digital Computer Literacy just to mention but a few brings more attention in the education system.

It had been observed that most of the primary and secondary schools are engaging into digital computer literacy so as to promote easy access to information thereby transforming the culture of study hence promoting quality education with researching skills that leads to better educational results. Most of better schools in urban areas and other competitive boarding schools also take into practice the computer study culture by improving into computer laboratories and internet installation, establishing school web so as to enhance eLearning platforms and online study platform, Mvurwi High School is one of the Mashonaland Central classical example which developed an online study platform for its students to study on holiday days. Therefore, this might be evidence of how educational study culture in being transformed into modern day system.

The introduction of computer donation in both primary and secondary might be the primary evidence of how education is being transformed from the ancient culture of study into modern day educational system hence providing the opportunity for internet use characterized by,eLearning platforms such as Ruzivo, Elearning Solutions, eLearning Technologies, eLearning Zimbabwe just to mention but a few. The ancient culture of study was backed by the establishment of libraries at school, colleges and universities while pregnant with large volumes of textbooks which might be out of syllabus. Introduction of computer studies in different levels in the education system is being viewed as an opportunity among different individual to develop their skills in both software and hardware accessories, hence adopting the culture of computer study system to sustain livelihoods strategies and develop other skills that might lead to easy access to quality educational information relevant to the specific study area. Therefore, educational exodus might be viewed as how the culture of study is being transformed in the education system with modern flavor.
The educational exodus also relates how the culture of study is being transformed since the teachers for
computers are obliged to be computer literary because most of the pupils prefer modern accessories since they need to catch up with modern technological flavor. The Ministry of Primary and Secondary education also accommodates the idea of eLearning platforms, digital computer literacy, internet and web designing in different provinces and districts, and evidently shows the acceptance ICT in the education system hence transforming the culture of study into modern day flavor as evidenced by the modernization theory. Therefore one might note that educational exodus relates how the educational culture is now dominated by the use of computer networking study in researching and access to educational information.

It has also been observed that the are other remote schools which are disadvantaged at all costs, that is they are not even electrified especially the so called satellites schools which have been established during the fast track land reform programme.These schools need to be attended in form of improvising its infrastructure, computer energy inform of solar systems that promote the modern culture of study so as to meet the demands for educational attainment. For instance in Region 5, the low-veld schools in the Mwenezi district and Chiredzi characterized by the poor educational culture flavor which might be labeled as primitive and passive in the educational attainment, their education status is disadvantaged due to their remoteness, hence the ministry of primary and secondary mighty intervene in form of fund seeking or donor searching but the political and economic situation might be the drawback.

The educational exodus mighty also relates how individuals can transform their education and social life status in developing their skills in forms of computer literacy especially in tertiary industry characterized by computer maintenance, development of eLearning platforms, networking and web designing just to mention but a few. Most of these variables are developed through the use of hardware and software which needs expertise being studied in the educational system. Therefore most of the individuals develop their skills so as to better their income through developing a comprehensive set up with computer skill orientation. For instance computer maintenance is a classical example which one mighty survives through repairing, fixing the computer hardware, likewise software development, learning platforms gives other individuals opportunity to improve their income while working in conjunction with the ministry of both primary and secondary education, hence promoting educational exodus.
From the above information, the educational exodus is strongly supported by the dominance of ICT in the educational system in different societies both urban and rural. Since education tends to be competitive in qualification possession, most of the people opt for the easy avenue of accessing information that enriches meaningful and fruitful information through research on the internet. Therefore, it might be fair to note that education exodus is being viewed as the panacea to development hence running out from poverty through better system of education being backed by the participation of ICT in the main stream development at the nation at large.

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