About Author

Timothy Shava was born in Seke and attended his secondary education at Dewure High School and high education at Sandringham High School. He did his Honours Degree in Information Technology at Solusi University. He is a published writer, essayist, researcher and eLearning expert by profession. He is the current Director for eLearning Zimbabwe which is currently running within different provinces in Zimbabwe.

He firstly founded the Bigbrain company in 2012 dealing variably in Digital Computer Literacy, internet and networking, school website designing and hosting, LMS, training in computer literacy and learning management systems. He further innovate his ideas into formulating eLearning technologies in Zimbabwe with due experience in his researches in 2015. His writings are much more flavoured with technology in education since he is the field of technology. But his main worry is that ICT is only benefiting the urbanized mass rather technology should also reach the peripheral zones since we are living in the global village and stimulating the education system at the peripheral zones.